Trigons 4 Free

Welcome to the Trigons 4 Free Web Site. Trigons are mathematical puzzles similar to Sudoku, but typically more challenging. Trigons are based on simple triangular cells with a number in the middle and spots to write three single digits around the edge (one on each side). The three digits around the edge must add up to the number in the middle.

The puzzles on this web site are currently based on eighty four cells arranged in a hexagon. To complete the puzzle you need to use each unique three digit combination of the digits zero (0) through six (6) once and only once in the solution. Each of these unique combinations is listed at the top of the page to assist you.

It's easiest to start with the zero (0) triangle and the eighteen (18) triangle because they each have only one solution (000 and 666 respectively).

Currently the Web Site doesn't provide solutions, but if you have used each unique combination once and only once you probably solved the puzzle correctly.

Click the button below to generate a free Trigon puzzle and then choose "Print" from your browser to print the puzzle and get started.

As you might be able to tell, the current set of puzzles are all related. I'm working hard to generate new puzzles, but free time comes slowly.

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